Ah! Hello! I didn't see you there!
I'm Dolly Strawberry; a character voice over artist with over fifteen years of experience in the voice over world that began with a discovery of my love for acting during the late 90s, a big dream, and a recorder on an MP3 player in the mid-2000s.
My specialty are child-like voices and characters with higher pitched voices in general.
Thank you for taking the time to look into my page and getting to know me.
If you're interested in working with me, please regard the contact section.

Character Voice Over Demo Reel

Character Voice Over Visual Reel

Voice Over Foley

Creature Voice Demo [Example]

Head Shot
Body Shot

Voice Over (Partial List)•Yui in "Yandere Limit" (Video Game)
•Tamberlane in "Tamberlane" (Comic Dub)
•Girl With Glasses in "The Heartless (English Dub)" (Animation)
•Fooza in "Take a Gander" (Audio Book)
•Nurse Pinku in "Sadistic Passion" (Animation)
•Christine and Emma in "Rose Blood" (Machinima)
•Belci and Daroken in "Opening The Gates" (Animation)

Theatre•Jill Conley in "The Hollerin' Contest" (Downtown Arts Centre (Lexington, KY))

Film•Student/Extra in "Ukeire" (Dir. J.J. O'Hearn) (Indie Film)

Studio Setup:
•MXL V67G Condencer Microphone
•Focusrite Scarlett 2i2
•Microphone boom arm stand
•Portable isolation booth
•Adobe Audition
•Desktop PC (Windows 11)

Dolly Strawberry's Character Voice Over Rates

I can/will do:
• Child-like voices
• Toddler Voices
• High-pitched voices
• Sultry type voices
• Singing
• Curse words
•Voice Foleys (Grunts, screams, etc.)
• Creature Type Voices
I cannot/will not do:
• Voices promoting pedophilia, racism, bullying, homo/transphobia, and anti-religions. (The only way for me to accept a role like that is to raise awareness!)
• NSFW (sexual content (for now))
Rate cost (Negotiable):
• $0.25 USD/word ($125 minimum)
• $5.00 USD/line ($175 minimum)
• $200.00 USD/hour (2 hours minimum)
Please contact me to get in touch!